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Spray Foam Gap Filler Fail | Skoolie Bus Conversion Tiny House Videos

If only I could recover the hours and hours I've spent researching insulation and mulling over my best options. Spray foam, foam board, fiberglass, R-values, gap filler, UV reflective stuff......it's all a bit overwhelming. Then...I discovered gap filler.

This. Stuff. Is. Funnnnnnnnnnnn!

First of all, the pre-gap filling can shake party. I dare you not to dance while shaking that can for 30 seconds!

Then, the main event. This stuff flies out of the can and immediately quadruples in size. As if that wasn't enough, after drying, it turns super hard. I'm officially on the gap filler train.

While this spray foam crack filler insulation was exceeding fun to play with, I'm not so sure it's right for this project. We'll put this one on hold for now...


Bus Seat Removal | Skoolie Bus Conversion Tiny House Videos

Bus Seat Removal

Bus seat removal was a nightmare. Ok, it wasn't THAAAAAAT bad...but it wasn't fun. 

I paid the fine gentleman from whom I bought the bus $100 to take out all of the seats except for 4. Soooooooooo...I can't really get away with complaining too much. Nonetheless, the minimal bus seat removal I DID have to do was not enjoyable. 

These items made it a lot easier...

Tools Needed