How To Buy A School Bus | Skoolie Bus Conversion Videos

I bought a bus on eBay. Yes...seriously. 

I had been thinking about building a skoolie bus conversion for months. If only I knew how many hours I spent watching YouTube videos and getting lost in blogs about people who had taken the skoolie leap. But how do I buy a school bus? I had no clue how to buy a school bus...

Then I found him. Earl. A school bus. On ebay. Oh boy was he a looker. 20 years old. Low mileage...for a diesel...155,000....and priced right. Not only did he appear to be an excellent deal...he was located just a few hours from Huntsville, TX, where I would be attempting my second 100 mile ultramarathon only a few weeks later. It was too perfect. 

Do I advise buying a buy on eBay? No. Did I get super lucky and end of with a pretty killer bus? Yup...sure did!

Want to hear me babble for a while about my experience buying Earl and my tips for buying your first bus? You're in luck...

That wasn't enough? Need to hear me talk more about how to buy a school bus?'s more!

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